Tuesday, May 4, 2010

nearly last day in paris: rainy

may 1st, 2010

So this was the day before the last day of the favorite reporter.

So she went to say goodbye to la rue de Beaune where there was some nice architectural digs, and a great bakery:

then it started to rain. So she decided to go the art store, Sennelier to get brushes, and... lo and behold, this was May 1st, " la fete du travail," "the feast of work", so of course in france everything is closed.

So the reporter cried.

Then she went across the river,

to the american book store, Calignani, but they were observing the same point of view on work and Calignani was closed too. So she cried again.

So she tried to get into Angelina, which is right next door, the elite pastry shop, to get a cup of tea, and it was full with a large line, since everything else was closed in paris,
so she cried a third time. That was a really wet day.

Very preppy bikers stopped for a bite but they were repelled by the long line, so the reporter felt better and cried a little less

Then while deciding, with her friends where to go get tea or champagne, which always takes a long time with french friends,
the reporter checked how all their shoes looked on the rue de Rivoli floor,

and she found that her shoes still looked pretty good

So she completely stopped crying, and that was like the end of the afternoon, and they all went then to have tea and champagne,
and then the reporter cried more since that was like nearly her last day.

With all farewell and love
from the little city on the Seine,
the frog