Monday, December 20, 2010

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December 19th, 2010

Well, Boys and Girls,

even though the Frog is not in france, this will be one more post so we end up the year on a happy and friendly note.
Let it be said that this Frog's heart is really warmed up by the huge amount of comments that this delicious blog is receiving each time there is a new message.

But since there is no disparaging comment either, her heart is doubly warmed.

Now to end this year in a majestic way, we shall have one look at what the beach looks like these days in the neighborhood of LA,

then to stay in that equally distinguished shade of grey, here is what the Frog's home looks like, or rather what she
would like it to look like,

but alas, this is not to be, so the Frog decided to furiously continue splashing paint and else on her blank canvasses
in the hope to transform the meager walls of her simple abode, and this is what it came to :

and then in the last one, she tried to get some likeness to her newly found hero, Mr. Julian A.,
but alas, again, the resemblance was a little too hard to catch, and she didn't want to make him a prisoner of her canvas too,

So there my dear Readers,
this is to wish you the loveliest, happiest and most nagical end of the year, bathed in peace and love.
And ultimately the hope and certitude that this new year will be transparent and loving !!!

With all winter wishes,
the Frog