Monday, March 15, 2010

december 14th : a question of illumination

paris day 13 : a question of illumination

This will be a very short summary.

The day was, in Paris, a bit cold, and the special envoy was in fact much occupied for most of the day, to assist one her best friend to do a fast forward Christmas shopping in a limited number of hours near the Madeleine [ right bank ] involving exhausting market research, estimates, and decisions.

We ended by finding everything my dear Best Friend was looking for, and your special envoy found, oh how unpredictable, for herself, a pair of dark green Austrian corduroy knickers, long coveted to go hiking in the Alps, hopefully, this next summer.

So after a long day, after her best friend abandoned her after multi kissing near the Place de la Concorde, our special envoy,
dedicated to her daughter's favorite stores obsessions, went to get a few pics as the day was fading.

So below you will find in splendid succession, pics from her daughter Julie's beloved Herpes store :

Here should be inserted a pic from,

the Lanvin store,

a pic from the D & G store:

a pic from the Macarons store :

a pic from the former clothing store which had the honor to clothe a much smaller Julie:

and last but not least pics from the Place de la Concorde when the day is fading :

Tomorrow :

Day 14 : St Sulpice, to redeem ourselves.

from the frog

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