Saturday, March 15, 2014

" of peregrination, red tape and pigments "

saturday, march 15th

It may appear that the Reporter disappeared for one year, but lo and behold, the Reporter resurfaces like buds do in the Spring.

Not that it was inexcusable to be absent for,  < gasp >, more than a year, but it happened that this highly intelligent and distinguished reporter embraced what is known as < gasp >, regular life, with like,  responsibilities, usually poorly faced and fulfilled, but with equanimity, enthusiasm and joy.

Some of those dreadful responsibilities involved,  in fact, what they call in french, ' en deplacement ' which roughly means,  simply,  going away to different uninteresting places.

So the Reporter was 'en deplacement' like to north California so she took this interesting pic,


and not only that but she also checked this out :

which might be labeled as 'exceptional californian sunset '  
and then she decided to also become a citizen, because after all, when you don't have much to do,
why not do some thrilling paperwork.

So she did in fact become a citizen after much thrilling channeled procedures.

Here she is, a brand new little one :

 And then, she thought, what the heck, now that she was a new citizen, let's celebrate the country,
and she went right out to the countryside where she decided to honor the American hills, and trees, and meadows,

as in here :

And then, after having done this one masterpiece, out of nowhere, she decided to attack a brand new one,
like in here :

but, as you can see :

 that one proved a little bit tougher to chew,

and here is a dire example of a fairly rather desperate artist, 

So, it is on that pretty depressing image that we are going to end the first chapter of this glorious new year of 2014.

Many more adventures are afoot, and in fact starting in the next three or four days, we should have an important message directly from the City of Lights !

With all thoughts,  and usual good wishes to All,

the Frog

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