Sunday, December 27, 2009

paris : at the coffee shop

Day 2 : at the coffee shop
November 30, 09

Ah girls and boys, this is the Nespresso shop at the corner of the rue du Bac,
in the very preppy 7th, where you get your capsules for your little adorable nespresso machine.

there is a line where you patiently wait, and are offered tiny cup of coffee to make sure that no one
gets too irate about the wait.

the staff is young and very elegant. You have to know what you want, no one wants an indecisive customer,
least of all the rest of the humble but ready to be arrogant queuers.

so this is a highly stressful environment.

because it is December, there is a special temporary holiday offering with subsequent flavors:
this year it is an assortment of three boxes of 10 little capsules each:
gingerbread, apricot spice, and chestnut cream.

needless to say the flavor is extremely subtle, we have none of that nauseous american vanilla coffee which stays ( reste ) on your tongue ( langue)
for the next two and half hours. This is a very delicate hint (allusion) that you taste when you finish your mini cup of coffee.


flo the frog,
special Paris envoy

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