Sunday, December 27, 2009

report from paris

So day 1
Nov. 28, 09

I am in Paris !!

The sky looks blue but it is in fact grey.

The wind is blowing furiously,

it is pretty awesome. They have lights of course on the Champs Elysees,

but most interesting, they have blue lights hanging in the very conservative and elegant Rue du Bac.

Went to have a dinette at a friend.
A dinette in France is a light small meal, sometimes called "sur le pouce" which means "on the thumb ". It means the food is small, done at the last minute, sometimes eaten with fingers, and you will probably leak your thumb because it is delectable. There is usually a fabric napkin, but it is small too, and you do not want to smear it with ugly stains, so you daintily and discreetly leak your little fingers.

So I went to the Champs Elysees, to get some food gift like Creme de Cassis, to make a kir, and macarons from LaDuree.

Well, do I have news for you. The Drugstore at l'Etoile, which is nothing likeWallgreens, but rather looks like a mini Bendel, sells... Pierre Herme's macarons, and that my dear readers, is to Laduree macarons like Captain D's Seafood fish and chips ( La Duree) to Le Bernardin Sole ( Pierre Herme).

After that I went for the dinette.
We had Kir Royal (Taittinger) chilled Shrimp and little toasted traditional ( slightly darker) baguette for the Tarama, Quiche au saumon from Dalloyau, Laitue with cherry tomatoes, and macarons.

Pistachio macarons, Chocolate macarons, and Fruit de la Passion macarons with milk chocolate filling.

The macarons are a little smaller than LaDuree, their domes are a little higher, the cream inside is way more buttery,
and some macarons have golden little tips on them. They are both croustillants but incredibly melting in your mouth, and the end result, though way more buttery than Laduree, feels like a cloud.

So LaDuree:

Pierre Herme:

That is what a Dinette is. So Simple.

from flo the frog

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