Saturday, April 24, 2010

sunnier april in paris

April 23rd, 2010

This day was the last day in Paris of this reporter's fav and only brother. So she spent the most time with him. And then they parted, he pretended to cry, but that was an allusion to the Arnacoeur they had seen the day before. So she roughly shoved her pointy elbow in his rib.

And then he walked away, and she caught him walking away, that is the tall yellow figure on the pic below.

Then the reporter managed to do several important things which are way too interesting to lay down here,
and then at the end of the day she went to la Pagode,

that wonderful little movie theater on the rue de Babylone,

and there, she, without any shameful qualms, took another ticket to see the Arnacoeur again,
because a good hilarious funny movie is never to be smirked upon.

But before she stepped inside La Pagode, she sat for a few meditative minutes in its exquisite garden :

And that was really a lovely parisian moment, in what had been offered in the early 1900's as a diplomatic embassy to the Chinese government by the french.
But after visiting it, the Chinese delegation realized that the frescoes inside depicted an episode of the war with Japan where the Chinese had not excelled in victory, so they said thank you to the french government, but no thanks.
And that's how La Pagode went back to the world of arts and moving pictures.

From the refined rustic city of Paris,

your frog

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