Saturday, April 24, 2010

sunniest april in paris

April 24th, 2010

Well the reporter for once slept late so there was a little less of a day to work on.

The only interesting event is that she went to Le Pain Quotidien on rue de Varennes, and got that little picture
which would look great as a painting.

Then it was so sunny and so warm in Paris that of course,
our lazy writer did nothing else but walk around before ending the day with another movie, not l'Arnacoeur this time though.

But before that she visited her former painting haunt, the Academie Julian, rue du Dragon and the Atelier Penninguen...

and this dear readers, is the little porch under which she used to tread to her painting haunt when she was like a teenager,
obviously, a plaque should say so, but observe how quaint these blue doors are,
and they were already blue at that time..

with all the love from this quaint and artistic little place,

the frog

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