Saturday, April 24, 2010

1st day in paris : sunny

April 22nd, 2010

So today, your humble reporter checked how things were with her dear brother she was to meet in Paris.

We were to meet at les Halles in the morning, for an early movie screening around 11 am, at the UGC les Halles.
We were going to see a film named " L'Arnacoeur ".

To get to les Halles, this reporter decided to walk over the Seine, to le Palais Royal where the old Comedie Francaise is, which was the theatrical haunt of her younger years...

Right there, there was a wall masking the gardens of the Palais Royal, as the last row of columns were being cleaned...

But one could still see the gardens through a side gate :

and also the lovely old gallery with little shops :

So, we saw l'Arnacoeur. Which is so hilarious, we both thought we should see it again, but that was already my brother's second viewing, so we decided instead to have a light lunch at " Le Pied de Cochon, " " The Pig's Foot, " and old haunt of les Halles.
And with the coffee, they brought us pink mini pigs meringues :

Not quite as chic as Juls' macarons (!), but will do for this sunny day.

Then I parted from my brother and went to visit an "expo" as they say here in Paris, which is a main art exhibition, this time at le Grand Palais, but on the way I walked through le Petit Arc du Carrousel, just opposite the Louvre pyramid. It's called Le Petit Arc, in honor of the big Arc which of course is the Arc of Triumph at the Etoile. So here for the petite version,

Then I went home.

That was it for the first full day in Paris.

with love from this rustic city
the frog

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