Friday, October 28, 2011

of loitering in ny

Well Boys and Girls,

After seeing the poster, in the Metro, the Reporter balking at nothing about moving around, decided to get to NY since she had her friend JMC, she had been missing so much since J moved out of LA for goth NY. So off she went, forget the sissies complaining about jetlag, it just doesn't fit a frog who can, at any time sleep on a lily pad.

So there she was, at last so she went to have a croissant @ Baltazar,

and it was very warm there

then she stopped at the new Crosby hotel, very cute,

awesome sculpture in the lobby,

then she crossed the street and saw the do no loiter sign at the Moma store, so she loitered,

and there she found a number of interesting little tidbits,
a non breakable camera, very handy for her son,

a father's cook book, the Man in the Pan, Culinary Advent... check the subtitle on the pic, :)

a cookbook for her dear daughter's friends,

the candlestick dear daughter's friends think they see when they use the book above,

kissing angels pigs,

chat plates,

cheese grater for tall basketball player, [ grater is about 25 inches tall ]

and a delightful salt cloud shaker,

She ogled the cuff links,

and couldn't undertand why they were priced @ $ 45.00 when they should have been obviously at $ 3.98,
the cashier had no clue. sigh.

And that was when chagrin hit her :
here was a remotes holder for, gasp, four utensils, when the Frog has on her tv table like seventeen.

That was a momentous letdown, and she hopped to D&D,

and that made her feel better,
then she went to her favorite haunt, and that made her feel on top of her expanded world,

And just so you know the above pic was not taken by an alien, there she is, in her fav haunt, delicious and graceful as ever,
our reporter,
** note the angelic halo above her head,

And there, from our wonderful town,
with gothic hugs,
the Frog

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