Friday, October 21, 2011

of rustication

Well Boys and Girls,

the Reporter, once more, fearing nothing, went rusticating in the middle of France, out there, lost in fields and forests.

Since it was October, the perfect month to plant, weed out, prune, before the first lovely frost shows its ugly head, it was the right time for her to slave at things. So invited to this lost in the middle of nearly nowhere property, she slaved and pruned and shoved and raked and bent over and over above slender plants, and little new babies that she planted with alacrity.

It looked a little austere late at night,

but in fact it was awesome for her healthy body and mind.
Here is what it looked like after her passage,

and here,

and there,

and this is what it looks like when it's not weeded yet, so you know,

And this is how delightful she looks like when attired in the formal gardening mood,

But alas, best things have to come a stop when pleasures are too intense, so the Reporter left the middle of nowhere, to be back to the safe haunt of the parisian Metro, where metaphysical questions abound,

And since she thinks that she is very libre, she was not at all troubled about the direction to take for her Metro.

With all new frost hugs,
the Frog

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