Saturday, October 8, 2011

wild animals and grey weather

So Dear Reader,

it was like a mourning grey weather again, but that didn't deter from visiting wild animals one more time, like a slender giraffe

or some slender ones behind glasses,

and as it was sort of cold, the teapot in the window was pretty appealing,

after the thought of warm tea, it was easy to challenge the wind and so walked on the Reporter through the Seine

then through the Tuileries,

After all that rustication , a little fishy food was nice,

and a nice cafe lunch was just right with scarfed men around,

and even more elegant waiters,

then, for like a minute, it was nice to back into the XVIII th century in a very simple children's store,

Just to top it off, we needed a ceiling

And then the Reporter just went back to her unheated rooftop where the rain leaks, thinking that a Parisian rain leak is better than anything anywhere else...
With love,
the Frog

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