Saturday, July 3, 2010

the lake, at last, again

july 2nd, 2010

So the Reporter went with her group of courageous painters, by the cool temperature of 104 to visit Annecy and Talloires.

It was awesome.

In Annecy, we visited the old town,

the jail,

different dwellings,

Then there was the old pastry shop where the Reporter's mum would take her daughter, Le Fidele Berger, [ the Faithful Shepherd ] which had those chocolates with candied orange peel inside. The Reporter, stupidly, never liked much pastries
but it was a great place for fresh squeezed orange juice, unfortunately Le Fidele Berger was in acute restoration,

Then next to Le Fidele, there was still the old well,

Then there was of course the old italian church and the boat on the major canal and the swan bridge,

And to leave we took the wide street,

then we got to Talloires, the bay @ l'Abbaye where the courageous group had a quick lunch,

and Le Pere Bise and le debarcadere were still there,

and then we went up St Germain, and there in the tiny church, the courageous group who had walked under the sun without ever whining, had the nicest reward, in the tiny adorable church a woman was singing Bach with the most exquisite voice as a rehearsal for a sunday concert,

The group felt pretty blessed and we left Talloires with elation and sadness,

the Frog

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