Thursday, July 8, 2010

where there is a view

july 8, 2010

All right Children, so there will be only three pics on this one, the Reporter is packing her painting gear.

First a view of the lake nearby our convent, cool and calm as ever,

Then friends from the Reporter's Tall Daughter,

then last because you Children have been so patient, the very rare view of yesterday's clear skies, albeit three clouds, and the Mont Blanc, you may click on the pic to see that austere mountain more clearly

If you People, are very nice, you may get when Marlena will be kind and free enough to e-mail the pic to me,
you may get to see the Mont Blanc at Sunset taken by Mel, as Marlena was holding Colyn and Soso, the dogs, during
our after dinner hike.

With all love from the very busy and important painting Reporter,
the Frog

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