Thursday, July 15, 2010

where there is staff and staff

july 15th, 2010

Today was a day of reflection. As you can see on the next image, the Master of the House decided to clean up the newly restored pond. These little things need care.

Here with a staff in hand, the Master is mastering the murder of a few weak butterflies and bees who managed to get too close to the water level.

In the Ancient Puritan Victorian Times, the Master would have given this menial task to one of his slaves. He would have ordered " Le Petit Personel " or " The Small Staff " to practice fishing out the adventurous coleopterans, but today, as Le Petit Personel presence is severely dwindling, the Master, sometimes without lower Saff, has to take himself the staff.

But then he was rewarded with " Le Cafe " or " The Coffee " which as you will see below, is always accompanied by a the little dark thing behind, which of course is " Le carre de chocolat " or " The square of chocolate " which is in fact not square but rectangular.

Then the Master, who is always one for innovation, decided to renew with one of the more traditional ways to bring light in his life. And there it is :

As you see above, it is an oil lamp, it works, it has no electrical thread, no silly bulb, and it makes an awesome smoke.

The Reporter, to find some solace from the smoke, was happy to taste the only goat cheese she really loves, [ she is very picky ] which is " Le Sainte Maure de Touraine " or " The Sainte Maure from Touraine " and tastes something like heaven, in matter of goat cheese of course, as there are lots of different heavens everywhere. This is what is looks like, and in the center there is a straw, a real straw.

There are some Sainte Maure which are " fausse Sainte Maure de Touraine " or " fake Sainte Maure from Touraine " for they have, oh horror, a PLASTIC straw inside. So Folks, always go for the real true stuff.

With Love from the deep heart of France where there are oil lamps and real Sainte Maure,
the Frog


J. Gill said...

Hi Froggy!

I can't believe the straw inside that food. How rude! But how great that you are in France enjoying the real thing.


flo the frog said...

hahah Jennifer... these people are rude anyway !!! lol