Saturday, July 3, 2010

lyon or not cold at all

july 1st, 2010

Where the Reporter gets a little late on her report.

So she visited Lyon on july 1st, a fateful day where one of her meanest nephews gets his birthday, and she calsl him and of course they got to talk and say all these horrid things to each other, [ he never fails to call her nine days later for her own birthday, and say horrid things too, so she always invites him for the holidays ]

And then she called a sister-in-law who lives in Lyon and was wisely away for the day and said to her on the phone, " Mais qu'est ce que tu fais dans ce cagnard ? " which could be translated somewhat by " But what are you doing in this stupefying oven place ? " and even that, is an elegant way to translate " Cagnard ."

So the Reporter went to Lyon, and it was awesome and she got all these pictures of interesting little places.
First a general view of the city inside the oven,

then a little museum shop,

then the chapel,

then a cute little bar,

then they had a wonderful Austrian guide who spoke a nice austrian accented english and was really interesting to listen to,

Then they went down to the old district and saw a herb store,

Then a delightful traboule,

and then the Reporter got to her obsession, photographing windows,

And then there were no more windows and the Reporter was really sad,

With love and sadness from Lyon,
the Frog

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