Friday, April 20, 2012

of soil and other amenities

20 - April - 2012

 Well dear Reader,
 it's not like it is not spring even on this side of the pond. Gloriously the sun is shining over the whole of california. So the Frog decided to become manual again and checked how plantations were doing.
Obviously, camelias were on their last run but they had been generous, loving, kind and plentiful, so the Reporter talked to them with plenty of love.

 Then she checked on the citrus,

and there were flowers galore for the little orange tree whose health and life she had been fighting for so courageously as we had had an ignominious attack of aphids and black mold.
There had been multiple showers of water spray after very gentle dish soaped water administered leaf by leaf with patience and tender loving care and lo and behold three months later, despite some still pale leaves, plenty of little delicate and heavenly scented flowers had appeared, and the Reporter cried.
And Reader, the Reporter has a very steely heart and seldoms cries.

 So that was that.

 Then the Reporter, who has no slaves but wishes of course she had a few dozens, lifted by herself the big sack of of compost

and added some compost to the rest of her plantations, beds and patches. Then, since she was in that manual mode, she decided to check in on the spare woods planks that had been amassed by the male company that sometimes inhabits that place. Now I don't know if you, Astute Reader, have noticed that too, but male species tend to get into construction work with great enthusiasm, collecting supplies and what not, all those tidbits and tools that are so fun, but then once the construction project has been done, or almost, then the collected items of supplies, tidbits and so on tend to still be apparent everywhere. You would think that once a project is done, or nearly, those supplies, tools, tidbits would disappear and be wisely stocked in their dutiful place and not become an eyesore at all. Well dear Reader, wrong.
And so in some secluded place but still quite in view you find some tidbits which look like this :

or even that
and that is when you have to take a lead role. So the Reporter decided that something constructive could come off that. And she immediately thought " Hangar a velos " which means in straightforward english, " bike porch " or " bike shelter " but it is very difficult to translate perfectly the beautiful " hangar a velo ".

 You try. 

 Because, really, you know, "velo" is really bike, that's a given, but " hangar " is, you know, a hangar. Or a warehouse, but obviously in the few hours of daylight that the Reporter had on her hands by then, she didn't have enough of those to build a hangar.

 She was more thinking of a bike shed really, but a shed is little too common and low for someone quite as refined as the Reporter. So she went back in, to consult some encyclopedia, and find some sketch of what her amass of supplies could lead to. And miraculously, she find something that could totally fit with her momentous supplies :

And so dear Reader, this is how she spent the rest of her day creating that marvelous " Hangar a Velo ".

 With all Love and Blistered Hands,
 the Frog

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