Sunday, April 15, 2012

where the rain is not in spain

15 - April - 2012

So dear Reader,
The Reporter is back to her usual place ready for wild adventures again, far from the advanced Parisian civilization where food is mediocre and company so rude.

As a matter of fact, it is well to be admired that, in fact, the french seem, under pressure of economic crisis, to show grace, kindness and way more compassion than they are usually given benefit. Heartwarming in one word, and it was funny to see the Reporter so enamoured with her original compatriots.

Now in Los Angeles, the weather has turned an awesome dark grey and rain at last came to the rescue.

Her usual cafe in the morning with freezing wet temperatures was deserted,

so she ate two croissants in support of her beloved eatery, then she adventured to Downtown as she had some serious business to attend there.

And here was the magnificent view that her beloved city offered that morning :

and here up close :

and once inside, during the meeting, there was some thunder, and everyone looked at each other, because Angelenos are brave people, they can face earthquakes, fires, and landslides due to the ubiquitous liquefaction , but thunder ?

Yes, that was a tough tough day in the life of an angel and even her cricket in her car stopped cricketing.

and on that disparaging note, thus ends this sumptuous billet,

with All Love,

the Frog

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