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where there is a garden and stairs

8 - March - 2012

Well dear Reader,

the Reporter having only a few days left now in the city of lights, she decided to take on a small pause, to read a book, in her favorite garden, close by, overlooked by the nuns' convent. So here it is, the former jardin de babylone but now called :

a charming garden with a green house used by the school children for their class of 'sciences naturelles' where third graders come once a week to plant seeds in the early spring.

it is overlooked by the convent :

there is for the moment a crane and some temporary construction at the end of the garden behind its wall.Those are only shelters for workers on the huge restoration of the former old hospital Laennec, In 1802 it was supposed to be the first pediatric hospital in the world. So here is what it looked like in 1900:

Pretty romantic if you ask me.

The chapel is surrounded by about ten different buildings end of 18th century, with some awesome brown tile roofs, originally it was the Hopsice des Incurables built in 1634. The hospital closed five years ago and it is now being renovated in apartments,

You can move in now, the Incurables left a long long time ago, poor souls.
Here is the chapel,

the Reporter'sgrandfather, whom she loved so, was a surgeon who did sometimes work at laennec.
here is the view of the chapel inside,

not quite a tiny chapel at all,
then the Reporter went to work on a painting as she had been idle a little,

Then she had to meet a friend at the bar of the Lutetia, which is that sort of very old time capsule bar in the 7th where suddenly now everyone meets,

and then today she decided to see Beaute Animale at the Grand Palais, whom the Reporter really loves [ the Grand Palais ] [ And Animal Beauty too ] but really loves so much the Grand Palais as it is of small enough dimension to fit her ego.

Now the Reporter was not allowed to take pics inside, as usual, but she find a lovely press photographer who was allowed so here are the pics by this lovely lady with reference due, on each.
Here are three lovely pointe seche by henry moore :

pic by Elodie Drouard/FTVI

a sculptured group of nice little rats,

pic by Elodie Drouard/FTVI

Someone looking out there at a lovely little Breughel, and the sad leg of a horse,

pic by Elodie Drouard/FTVI

Three wonderful Gericault :

pic by Elodie Drouard/FTVI

and then, really why the Reporter went to this Beaute Animale, her obsession, the White Bear by Francois Pompon, a plaster made in 1922, and he changed one leg in 1928,
this is the Reporter's only regret on Earth, she wished, she wished, she could have sculpted that one.
Her favorite of favorite of favorite.
If you want to see it, it resides [ outside this exhibition ] at the Museum of Dijon.

Pic by Elodie Drouard/ FTVI

The Silly Reporter couldn't , as she was exiting the exhibition, not take a few shots of her beloved Palais:

and then she got some cards for her friends of the polar bear to try to induce the same obsession in those cool friends,

and then she walked home, fast, to work a little more on her pitiful painting, the eyes full of the Pompon Bear.

and to tell you the truth, dear Reader, there is ' fort a faire' on that one.
Which means, you will have guessed, lots and lots to work about it.

With all Love
the Frog

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