Thursday, April 5, 2012

where there is an amazing show

5 - April - 2012

The Reporter having a family reunion, she decided to take that lovely member across the Channel.
So full of pluck and courage, those two embarked on that very cute train :

and at the end of the morning sat foot on the dock at St Pancrace.

That was awesome enough in itself.
Then the Reporter's companion, a lady of intense fashion tastes, took them to the secluded store of manolo blahnick, by the river Thames, and indeed a rather seductive place :

full of little shoes taking a breather in different locations :

And indeed, with a view of the lovely Old Church Lane :

But they didn't have what the lovely companion was looking for, so sad but richer,
they embarked on one of those delightful streets,

Then they stopped for a extra-minuscule bite at, of course, Harrods :
[ the companion and the Reporter like their food in minuscule quantity or they choke ]

before rushing out and making haste as they were about to see one of the Reporter's idols,

pic by reuters/ luke mac gregor

and there, the Companion and the Reporter fell on their little butt from the sheer magnificence and beauty and awesomeness, and cosmic size and magic spirituality of beloved Mr. Hockney's work !!!!
and then, like two cinderellas, the eyes full of the marvels they saw from mr. Hockney, they rushed on their tiny heels to the Tube, click down their way through mazes of down escalators and then re-immerged on the dock of St Pancrace, hopped on the pumpkin, to rejoin just before midnight, their beloved paris.

And that was the Escapade to the Enchanted Forests of their beloved mr. Hockney.

With all Love
the Frog

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