Monday, September 6, 2010

Back to a shade of grey

September 6th, 2010

Well Boys and Girls,

the Frog has hopped over the pond, and is back in the city of lights, which is today of a delicate dark shade of grey.

So, after a leg of chicago- paris in coach as she was not upgraded for once in the more comfortable unit of the plane, she has to say that there should be only one class, and it should be business for everybody. Except for her kids as it is very salutary for children to live frugally. Fortuitously, her children will not be able to post comment on this page as they have been unintentionally blocked.

So she arrived in the tiny apartment in the hope to get a good shower, and erase the stress of falling asleep in a figure 8. But it was to be thwarted.

She had hoped, since Dear Old Firend had passed by a few days before that the bath tub and sink would be scintillating with shine and cleanliness, but she suddenly realized, after thirty years of matrimony, that some french men are not attentive to bath tubs at all.

So it was time to arm herself with her green froggy gloves and plunge in the depth of her addiction to the " Ajax Frais ", and here I am not kidding you, Boys and Girls, I am seriously thinking of fedexing to LA a case of twelve bottles of " Ajax Frais " as it smells like you have no idea. Short of turpentine smell, and, to the horror of her son, her own little abercrombie perfume, there is little scent that is more appealing than that of her dear " Ajax Frais ". See pic.

Then you can see the results here,

and here,

Sparkling shininess.
To reward herself she did a little cupa,

Then, since there was like a light, light, light shower of rain outside, she decided to put on her boots, which gave approximately this view.

Boots are black, they look blue but they are black, and the pants look blue but they are green, i am just saying.

She then went to La Grande Epicerie, to get some Echire butter, oranges and Poilane bread for her breakfast next day.

Then, the consequences of the figure 8 sleeping attitude made itself felt again, and she walked home to get a little nap, and hopefully follow the quarter final match Monfils-Gasquet at Flushing Meadows. [ Monfils won !!! Yes !!! ]

But before she got home, she stopped rue de babylone to have a look at her favorite flower shop, and Yes, it was desperately adorable and luminescent as usual, see below pics.

and here, and you should click on that one and see how ethereal these damn flowers are,

So that was all for the first day, Boys and Girls, as the frog catapulted herself on the sofa,

with Love from the City of Grey Light
the Frog

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