Wednesday, September 22, 2010

non rustic

September 22, 2010

All right, I have to say, I have to update a bit on the activities of the Reporter.

To be truthful, during the lapse of time since the rustic post, she did nothing.

Mostly, she had a cold, she drunk wine with friends, she had lunches and dinner, she looked for
a toaster-oven, an arduous thing in Paris central I can tell you, and mostly she gleefully and egotistically
enjoyed a glorious indian summer in Paris in a most complacent way.

But, the artistic side called, and there she went, first to the Pierre and Alexandra Boulat photo show at Le Petit Palais,

She would have liked to go also opposite the street, at Le Grand Palais,

but there was like a line defying all enthusiasm.

So instead, the Reporter invited her Provencal brother to come and visit her, which he did,
as you can see below as he is on his cell in front of Les Invalides,

And here is a closer look to the purple socks,

And then they went to l'Institut,

From there, they wanted to see the Monet show, but it was not yet opened,

So then they went to la Biennale and that time there was no line,

and there...... they saw this little marvel, a 1921 Picasso, a pastel about 30 x 30, of two hands,
and there they fainted right away in front of so much beauty.

And then they went to sleep and on the next day, it was sunrise, and they saw this from the bathroom window,

And that is the end,
with all love from pink sunrise, and Picasso Pink Period,
the Frog

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