Wednesday, September 1, 2010

north coast

august 16th

Updating in a sort of late late way.

The Reporter went the preppy way to Maine mid August, since, where is it that you will have good weather mid August.

As a matter of fact the little city of Portland, Maine, had a sky which was the hip shade, this winter :


that's the title on french Elle for September month. Well, no, the sky in Portland was not camel but GREY,
and then the french Elle, rational as all that Gallic country is, in the same issue titled that ;

So the Portland sky looked trendy like that :

and like this

and I loved Portland, the only city where you can't enter the Museum,

but then the weather some miles north of Portland turned like this :

and then like that,

and then it turned frankly like "la canicule," which is " the scorcher" which in Maine looks like that :

and no this alluring young woman is not checking the thermometer, but the post office next collection, for this is on an island where news and mail are rare.

but thank God there was the end of the days where it looked like that,

and that glorious evening crowned the last day of The Reporter in Maine,

With lots of love and lobsters from Maine,

The Frog

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