Monday, September 27, 2010

of hospital and gardens

September 26th, 2010

Well the Parisian, and french, stay getting towards its rueful end, the Reporter had a few things to bring together.

First, she had to visit the little square, near l'Institut, where she used to go as a child, so she visited that one,
eating a pain au chocolat under the shade of the trees.

Once that was done, she went to visit a place to choose samples of paint for the Decrepit House,
in that very hip paint store called " Mise en Teinte " or literally " Put into Shade " which doesn't put into
shade any other more pedestrian paint store as that one is faintingly expensive.

Fact is, the price for three samples, was so high that the poor Reporter swooned, and smelling salts were brought.

After that interesting event,
to get better, she went to see her doctor, at the American Hospital in Neuilly, and Lo and Behold, dear Reader, this is where her glorious first child was born !!! YES, Tall was born here, at the American Hospital and the courageous Reporter took a pic, and if you look at it closely, you may even click on it to have a better view, there on the right wing, fourth level, second window, that was the Reporter's bedroom, except it was on the other
side of the hallway.
But still, if you look at the second window, french third floor, American fourth level, you can imagine that ACROSS, on the OTHER FACADE, that is where the courageous mother and glorious first child spent their first days, outside womb, together. If that is not the most moving thing that Paris ever went through. Well, Neuilly for that matter.

On Sunday, to celebrate the lovely tempestuous grey day, the Reporter took one of her best friends, Ariane to see the Marly Gardens.
The Marly Gardens are located not that far from Versailles.

Unbelievingly, Ariane, whom the Reporter and other friends call the Queen, as Ariane believes that every country should be overlooked by a King, and elections serve no purpose, [ a kind King, that is, and not allowing poverty to reign ]
well, so, the Reporter took the Queen to visit the Marly Gardens which the Queen had never seen before.
An omission that had to be remedied.
So the Gardens in that Glorious Grey Day looked like this,

Yes, I thought you would like that too.

So with love from the wonderful Gardens and the exquisite tempestuous day of Marly,
the Frog

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