Saturday, September 11, 2010


september 11, 2010

Well the rustication has to end, so the Reporter went one more time to Sarlat as she was missing a palette knife,
and so she took a few more shots of the little town,

Then it was the last morning and there was fog on the valley nearby early in the morning,

and so they had breakfast on the terrace and it was a little difficult,

Then she went back to Paris and there she checked what was going on, and she saw that in NY on the friday of fashion week, the Reporter was so surprised to see a pic of the wonderful Grace Coddington and ... Karlie Kloss whom her daugther likes a lot,
and guess what Boys and Girls, Karlie was wearing on her feet,

So the Reporter dashed back to her closet to make sure her pair of white socks was still there and not on Karlie's feet, but pfew, it was stilll there.

So in this September 11,
tons of love to Rhoda, and Moby, who have a birthday,
and to New York with all our heart,
the Reporter

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