Monday, March 12, 2012

on the fifth day in paris

12 - March - 2012

Well dear Reader,

fact is, time flies in paris faster than in the other interesting parts of the planet.

The reason is this :

It is extremely difficult to walk fast, check on the windows, bump into strangers while you check the windows, apologize, listen to the grumpy repartees, take in the insulting stares of the Parisians, grab back your i phone which is on its way to hit the very dirty sidewalk when you happen to be a very intensely clean person and the same time keep that beatific zen smile that your Reporter practices so well.

But, though these sad sequential events hit her at several different times in the last several different few days, the courageous Reporter did manage to collect some very essential information to keep her numerous devoted readers entertained and educated.

So we shall start first with food.

Having navigated several mean little streets as below,

Our battered and bloodless scribe needed some sustenance so she stopped in a little brasserie, shortly named Lipp to get something like this below :

This is, well in fact this is not the dish that the courageous Reporter ordered, that was the dish that her companion, who is on a diet, ordered for him, that is Cervelas. Cervelas is a very light dish made of assembled parties of pork mixed with lard and some butter and other fats, it comes covered with a nice layer of mayonnaise, and you eat that when you want to detoxify.

This, is the dish that the Reporter who needed some stronger sustenance ordered :

This is Poireaux a la Vinaigrette. This is a very heavy dish, with added sustenance in the form of little tidbits of hard boiled eggs and little croutons and fresh parsley. This is a very heavy dish and you need a robust stomach, like your scribe's to be able to master it.

Now that the courageous Reporter was full of courage again, she could endlessly roam the streets of the Seventh Arrondissement, a very dangerous area in the City of Lights and she fell on that exquisite store in one of the most dangerous streets of that Seventh :

This is a very new addition to the exquisite Parisian landscapes. These contraptions have the Parisians in a teezy.
If it happens that some of our readers use this very unknown type of contraptions, instead of going straight to Nature, when nature calls, well it does happen, that once you sit on it, one of these delicate showers will be activated and, since you know that the French are so clean and scented, well this is one more example where their research has extended the field.

Next door to that interesting store, was another store, which we have to say is one of a kind :
this is a store where you can, provided the shades are up, you can see what they provide, but as you see, security being paramount, you cannot enter as they decided to do without a door. This is indeed the most secure store in Paris and you should feel comfortable visiting it.
Here is one view of it :

And here is a little close up :

So here it is, dear Reader, and we are done with our educational post for today !!!

With all affection,

the Frog

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