Thursday, March 29, 2012

where ivy league is a problem

29 - March -2012

Well dear Reader,

this was the last day of the Reporter doing rustication, and that was very sad.

But wait ! [ As they say in france ] it meant that till the end, to thank her gracious host, the Reporter was ready to do some hard manual work like taking out some really strong ivy roots

So tiring was this, that she needed some nice rest in those therapeutic places and the one she chose had in fact as the name implies some nice black mushrooms :

and that was am excellent therapy.

Then as the sun was setting she could contemplate the magic of the hour :

then, since it was like the last evening, a little visit was due to the medieval town close by

and its Hotel de Ville,

And a last good-bye to the sunset on the fields,

And here ended the rustication of this very sophisticated Reporter,

with all Love,

the Frog

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