Saturday, March 24, 2012

rusticating and fixing

24 - March - 2012

Well the weather being delicious in the middle of france with fruit trees in bloom and temperatures reaching the high eighties fahrenheit, the Reporter spent the day inside since it was so romantic to visit a leroy merlin store :

in france leroy merlin is the equivalent of home depot, it is awesome.

First when you arrive you see this sign which had the blood of the Reporter sizzling :

In short, it means ' your hungers for fixing ' as the Reporter wants to fix the world, it was perfect timing.

So the Reporter went straight for her favorite :

See, how pretty ?
and a little more of that :

See how shiny ?
and wait there is more :

Copper pipes !!!!!! Isn't that awesome ????

So after that the Reporter went straight for electrical :

A little bit more about specific details of electrical :

then to screw in your electrical finds, you need some beams

Xcept you need better quality ones :

then you need the screws, of course, and the Reporter chose the real nice looking shiny ones :

Then of course we got into the paint, at last, so in france, you have the 'CONDITIONS EXTREMES' that
s when it's really cold just like about 10 days ago :

but you also have the " experte " qualification which of course is the perfect fit for the Reporter who's a total expert at painting.

but then you have the Crepi Facade, which is stucco for the side of your house, it says after that : au rouleau ou taloche and honestly the Reporter, despite being an experte, has no idea what taloche means at all,

There's also the Special Grands Travaux paint, which means Large Works, as opposed to Special Tiny Works,

By then the Reporter was a little tired from the Special Grands Travaux, and she decided to switch sections of leroy merlin and she went to look at toilet seats covers, an important item in a house.
She found that one :

And honestly, even if you think it's a 3D one, it is not as you can see from this side pic :

Well, it still sorts of look like 3D but I can assure you, it's flat. Now the Reporter is so tired and so spoiled from such exquisite finds that it's better we stop that very educational post, right now.

With All Love,

the Frog

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