Monday, March 26, 2012

where spring comes up

26 - March - 2011

Well, dear Reader,
it does look like spring is coming up on this side of the pond.

The Reporter being courageous as ever decided with her host to go for a long walk in the woods, and there she saw some interesting vistas.

First along the woods a hill, lighted by a pale spring sun:

Then a lovely lake,

her kind host,

a lovely forest path,

another lovely path,

The exquisite little wild violets announcing spring :

then getting back closer to the host's home, a nice borie. Now a borie is a little cabin made of small stones, including the roof which is made of lauze, the flat little stones that are painfully assembled. These bories may seem high on the photos, but they are in fact barely the size of a man, and when you go inside they are too low for you to stand up. They are seen in dordogne but also in the south east of france in portions of less touristic provence. They were used for the shepherd to sleep, or to keep in the stray sheep until the shepherd would bring back the herd there and pick up then the stray.

Here is the entrance, and it is not even five feet high,

and here is the view from this borie :

not bad to be a shepherd really,
and here is the second borie,

and here is the vista from the second borie,

And since the Reporter was a little tired of all those vistas, we shall break here, this fascinating post on shepherds and some.

with All Love,

the Frog

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