Wednesday, March 21, 2012

where it is sunny

21 - March - 2012

Well, Spring is totally here !!

The Parisians are flabbergasted, it is absolutely, totally, gorgeously sunny on the First Day of Spring.
They say things like : " Ah, c't-incroyable " which simply means, " It's unbelievable " but they contract the 'c' and 'est' and it becomes the very abreviated ' c'tin..' and it sounds a little like if we said : "'tsunbleevable" or something like that.

It's not really vulgar nor common, it's just 'breviated' to show you that they are busy, in a hurry, don't really have time to talk to you, are harried, and don't have the time to enjoy the first day of spring, while you do and should feel guilty of this, even if later on, they play hooky and will sit surreptitiously at a cafe sunning themselves. Parisians are complex. They know how to make you feel guilty, it is their guilty pleasure.

So the Reporter walked out at dawn to enjoy the early morning and next to where she lives, the lovely painter's studio was all pale blue and pink :

Then she had to get some flowers for a dear friend who was not too well and stopped by the lovely Au Nom de la Rose,

and there were some adorable ones for sure :

Then she went to have breakfast at Sennelier, and on her way back she stopped in front of Deyrolles,

And then she went home to work, because even in Paris when it is spring's First Day and it is sunny and delicious, some people have to work.

With Love,

the Frog

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