Friday, March 9, 2012

on a first day in paris

9 - March - 2012

Well in fact this is the second day dear Reader,

but the Frog had to do quite a lot of little uninteresting things on her first day in the City of LIghts.

But still, the arrival was exciting, waiting at Charles de Gaulle for her ultimately small suitcase that she had to check in anyway since she was carrying her favorite Lotion Nacree from Carita which is above the maximum of liquid allowed in the cabin, and if there isn't a sillier regulation, you tell me.

So she arrived in Paris and waited for the elegant luggage dispenser to start moving :

Then she went off with her usual courage and strutted to the nearest transportation from the airport to the capital.

So on her second day she attacked things straight upfront : a visit to the Bon Marche which facade has been bleached and repainted and looked awesome :

Then she proceeded to Place St Sulpice which church after 15 years of work hdd been bleached too :

If you look real close at the above photo, you will see that the right part doesn't look so clean and that is because it was done 5 years before the 15 years so it is getting darker again. I guess we shall mever see the whole of St Sulpice church clean all at the same time on every side, but such is life,
and it doesn't prevent elegant gentlemen to walk the sidewalk around the Place :

Then there is the wonderful building where a friend of the Frog's brother lives, behind that nice blue door :

Then as the Reporter ambled through the tiny street along the church there was that exquisite crumpled tafffetas dress in a window, slightly reminiscent of a Watteau painting :

Then on the Place St Sulpice, the Reporter encountered a cute transportation tool titled La Petite Reine.
Now La Petite Reine in the early 1900's was the nickname for bicycles, in the back it opened on those ugly plastic containers, so this was a delivery of some sort :

And in the front were grouped in fact two bikes, was the delivery boy riding in fact the two bikes at once, that remains a mystery.

Then the Reporter stopped in front of a very vulgar home store with cheap candles :

And the Reporter who is very chic and elegant, extremely affected by the vulgarity of the window decided to stop in a cafe to restore herself of a bitter expresso and mundane camaraderie at the counter :

Now that she was restored a bit to her normal self, she could amble back to her fav haunt, the Bon Marche, there she checked as usual that her shoes looked all right on the marble floor :

And it sort of did, and since she was feeling a bit tired she looked for the offered free chairs where men can sit when they are waiting for their wives to finish their purchase. So here were the traditional Bon Marche pink chairs for the Beauty department :

And since they look exceptionally sweet and intelligent, the Reporter did some added coverage of the said pink chairs, here is the first one on the right :

And here is the second one, which was on the left,

And here is the same model but in black leather as this was in the chic section of the men's clothing;

Entranced by the fascinating subject of the free provided chairs, the Reporter went to look for more, so she found this one, hard white plastic, uninviting and part of the Estee Lauder landscape, but it looks peach in the photo :

Then she saw that white plain one at the Clinique landscape :

Then on her way she met those different people :
a humble little stool :

A shiny and pretty happy with himself metallic stool :

A very happy with herself pretentious transparent chair :

in fact so happy with herself that the Reporter sat on it and admired the ceiling at the Bon Marche ;

And then the floor:

A little tired with all that Bon Marche watching, she decided to make her way towards the door as she encountered display of the Bon Marche catalog on which the model was ALSO sitting on one of those chairs :

So she crossed the street to have a look at Conran and see if there too they had some interesting chairs to offer freely to the visitor, and she immediately saw a very friendly one who was extending her arms to her :

But that exquisite and friendly blue grey chair who was so eager to have the Reporter sit on her, was... on a glass shelf which was itself a little high up on the wall, but the Reporter listening to the frantic appeals of the chair, had pulled another stool and started to climb on it, aiming to be at the level of the sweet chair when one of those pompous sales person came and asked to stop immediately her efforts to that noble goal.

Much distressed, our Reporter went to look for a nice armchair into which to throw herself and rest from her emotions.
She first saw a pale blue one :

But she could feel that this one was a little stiff and not to inviting, that was when she noticed that sumptuous and generous and kind velvet blue sofa who was tenderly appealing to her, and then to her relief she plopped herself with delight and ecstasy into the arms of her new friend :

And that, my dear Reader, was the end of the adventures of day 2 for our courageous Reporter,

with love,

the Frog


Unknown said...

You made it to Paris!

I wish I could have gone chair hunting with you.


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flo the frog said...

I love all unknown Janets that can come and post !!