Monday, June 28, 2010

lots of paint

june 28th, 2010

To be truthful again, there is not a lot to report, except more paint. That is the way things are with addictive people.
We are now at the 6th painting and it is good that an excursion is planned for July 1st to Lyon as the Reporter has now used the six pieces of canvas she thought she would be amply supplied with.

So the last piece of canvas was started this way, and no it is not a snow landscape,

also the Reporter ventured at last to the south side of the retreat and found this,

you can bathe in it. The water comes straight down from the steep side of the mountain where the house is holding itself. So it streams down from the melted snow. It's really warm water. You get into it and come out in less than 3/10 of a second but it's awesome afterwards.

Also for people who want to explore, and of course the obnoxious Reporter loves to be one of these, you can see these,

by doing that :

but the Reporter is really dumb and for the moment she is only in pain and in paint.

So with love and blue-green sticky fingers,
the Frog

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