Saturday, June 26, 2010

where there is more paint

june 26th, 2010

For Readers not really interested in paint, let's say immediately that this blog, today and in the next days is going to become
particularly boring, so they may be advised not to hang around too much.

Tall, my darling daughter, is always intrigued by the passion with which the Reporter can discuss medium, colors and hues, canvas quality, i.e. primed, not primed, several coats of gesso, oil primed fine texture, oil primed medium texture, oil primed rough texture. Acrylic primed, stretched, unstretched, refined linseed oil, stand linseed, drying linseed oil, genuine distilled turpentine, english distilled turp.

I mean the options are endless, and all worth thinking about, and so captivating and engrossing. It's like music to one's ear and rocks you to the loveliest sleep and dreams, and how can a sensitive and brilliant girl like the Reporter's daughter be intrigued and not be seized by such an exalted subject.

Which just shows the limitations of education given to the young generation.

But we digress.

So here are the fascinating oily works of the day,

here the top summits were painted blue,

here the mountain from yesterday was finished, note the appearance of the bellowing cloud,

and last but not least, a new one in its exquisite first stage,

Now wasn't that absolutely phenomenal.
Tall Daughter will be so impressed and excited.

With love,
from the exquisite Alpine stage and from the dedicated Reporter,
the Frog

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Julie Chapgier said...

Tall is dying to see the last painting in her house where it belongs!