Friday, June 25, 2010

where there is a lot of sun

June 25th, 2010

Well, dear Reader, there is a lot to be said for straw hats. The Reporter who always pack a little too lightly, regretfully pushed none of those straws into her little travel bag.

She was anyway so proud to have lodged inside her Longchamps bag both the portable easel and the sitting stool, and in fact also the square plastic box with brushes and diagonally adjusted the long brushes that, exhilarated by this tour de force, [ * in french in the text, meaning : tour de force ] that she totally forgot the straw and after all, this was the last straw.

Included in the bag were her two summer dresses, pjs, one black linen short and toiletries. So if anyone can beat that as holiday summer garb for 8 weeks stay in chic france, you can post a comment below. She was dressed for the plane in her one pair of chino that she would use for painting, and mounain hiking boots as she would climb up to the St Germain church where she would lose her i phone. This, in fact is a tribute to her Tall daughter who sometimes packs less, and is not allowed to post a comment.

But we digress.

So to the demand of faithful readers, here is an aspect of the shoes, that she packed also in the Longchamps, they are in fact palepink but in the dawn light, they are bluish,

Then here is a photo of the hills accross and the two round hills are called foret du Pelain, you may click on the pic, for better view,

And here is the painting, as you see it looks so much like it,

Then in the Grand Para, [ from the mountains of the Bauges ] here is la Dent d'Arclusaz, [ The Tooth of Arclusaz ]

And here is the painting and it looks so much like it, though this is only like the first state of the masterpiece, of course.
So it could get worse. Let's hope.

And to close this on a very moving mood, this is a tribute to the son of the Reporter, Dylan who in his early tender years, dreamt of being a train controller, and he, the same, is not allowed to post a comment,

With all moving thoughts from this Alpine region,
and much love,

the Frog

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