Tuesday, June 22, 2010

sunny day at last

june 22nd, 2010

Well dear Reader,

you will be happy to know that both the sun made its entrance on Talloires, and the Reporter got herself a small camera to replace her beloved i phone who decamped the day before.

So now, armed with new tools, the Reporter is able to report again.
You may want to click on the photos to see better.
First it was a pretty lovely day as shows the view from her room.

We check the garden from the balcony..

Then we went to visit high above Talloires, Fanchette, the sister of my best friend Marie-Paule. She lives in a hamlet in a "chalet" or log cabin, but a really nice one... and her husband chops a lot of wood for the snowy winter, as the two next pics show:

We checked the garden from the balcony

And Marie Paule brought some books,

We checked the view, with the small lake on the left and the big lake on the right,

Then we went for a hike and had another view,

Then we came back and on the way back we had a view of the big lake, but the big lake is kind of ugly of course,

Then we went back down to Talloires and I checked some of the houses where I used to have friends when I was a child,
this was la Maison Caron

and that one was l'Eparvi,

My brother had really nice friends in that one, when it was raining, we would play monopoly for hours there:

That house was next to that little alley,

And if you took it, it would lead you this way

to this little beach

to have this view of the lake

and of this little private harbour of the house next to it

another little alley

and taking one alley, we get to the hotel and the tennis, which is usually occupied till sunset, but then we are a little early in the season....

Back in the village, we see at last La Tournette, the really good mountain that we would climb once every summer. We would walk up the day before to the Chalet du Casset, where we would sleep on wood plank on meager blanket, Tibetan comfort like, and then wake up at 4:30 am to climb the rest and see the sunrise on top of La Tournette. As you perhaps see, there are still traces of snow up there,

Here are the Reporter's boot and as you see, one is always ready for la Tournette. Check the elegant pale blue sock.

and then walking back to the hotel, the lake gets darker at twilight, it smells of linden trees and honeysuckle,

And then behind the hotel is the Dents de Lanfon,

and again from the Reporter's room, the lake is falling asleep,

Time to say good night from the kindest lake,

with love,
the frog


Unknown said...

So,can we learn more about the one and only Marie-Paule?

Unknown said...

And where is Marie-Paule?