Thursday, June 24, 2010

where there is paint

june 24th, 2010

So somewhere in the mountain, some people decided to go paint. And they were gracious enough to accept the Reporter as a fellow.

The view was somewhat awesome

and so was the place, a former convent and the group felt awed and lucky to be able to spend
some time there, and paint.

and then former nun cells are bedrooms,

All in all, here is one of the view of mountains,

and our most delightful organizer, the wonderful Italian Lady without whom none of this would be possible, and with the help of her lovely American twin !

In other good news, the IWC, the International Whaling Commission, has decided to delay action on a deal that would have legalized commercial whaling for the first time in a generation !! So the Reporter tonight will drink her glass of wine to the health of our beloved whales !!!!
With much love,
from all the painting fellows and the kind mountains,
the Frog

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