Tuesday, June 29, 2010

paint and train

june 29th, 2010

Well, dear Readers,

one has to say, that days follow each other and are alike. There is nothing to report, except the following.

The Reporter is still painting these awesome, delicate views in her dreadfully rough manner, you may click on the pic for better view, such Watteau's views as,

Even though we do not notice the noise of the train, they pass right under our convent as you see in this pic,
and this is a special tribute to the son of the Reporter, who at age 6 declared he would be a train driver,

Position eminently worthy which he abandoned for the less lucrative and interesting post of director of photography, in films,
here again another tribute to the dear son, the north side of the rail track,

another tribute as the south side of the track,

And here the lovely convent

with intensely moving thoughts,
the Frog

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