Tuesday, June 22, 2010


june 21st, & june 22nd 2010

Ah dear Readers, the Reporter though enjoying a very cloudy solstice... lost her i phone after making a pic of a stream high in the mountain above Talloires... She probably didn't insert her i phone deep enough in her canvas back pack, and didn't tie tight enough the little cord and the i phone slipped away to live a life of its own.

She cried a bit, walked back and forth through the field of hay, climbed back and forth the forest path and went back on the small stretch of the mountain road she had crossed, but to no avail...

So there will be no pics from june 21st.

It is now morning of the 22nd and she is on her way to Annecy to try to find a small camera to cover the rest of the trip..
so hopefully later today there will be pics of the beloved Talloires, what is more the weather is glorious.

With a little saddened thought,

the Frog

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