Wednesday, June 30, 2010

where there is a classical lake

june 30th, 2010

Well dear Reader,

this was a day of surprise for the favorite Reporter.

At 1:53 pm, there was 4.3 earthquake, 12 kilometers from where she was. Considering that with her friends, she travelled about 11,000 miles in the hope to live a few weeks of quiet summer away from geologically challenged L.A., you will confess that for once that there is an earthquake in france, generally limited to the mediterranean coast, you will confess that it is " un peu fort de cafe " meaning roughly, " a little strong of coffee " [ one of these flowery colloquialism that the french affectionate ] to find yourself near the epicenter of something that is NOT supposed to happen in france.

And to testify to this, here is the geological seismic map of this important event,
if you click on the photo of the map, under the red dot IS the favorite Reporter.

Apart from that, the day was pretty uneventful and delightful as we can see in this view of the nearby little lake:

or of this other charming classical view,

and then there was something to touch the heart of the Reporter's son :

and then two more to touch the Reporter's daughter, here is Colyn,

and here is Zozo,

Now Zozo doesn't have an easy temper, but Colyn under his languorous eyes, is a con man. I am just saying.

Now that all this is well organized, the favorite Reporter can send her love
from the seismically challenged alpine retreat,

the Frog

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