Wednesday, June 23, 2010

where there is an end to the lake view

june 23rd, 2010

The Reporter woke up to a glorious day, and early in the morning, such was the view from her room, which one has to say could be worse. That was at 7 am.

Then this is what it looked like two hours later from the hotel terrace,

Then this is what it looked like from way above, that is when you are going to the " Ermitage de St Germain " or the " Hermitage of St. Germain " roughly translated.

Then the Reporter who is tremendously courageous managed to get to the tiny church of St Germain, and from there, this is what it looked like, and if the Reader is brilliant enough, he will recognize the private beach of the hotel which is approximately in the center of the photo, and you may have to click on the photo to see it better

and then against the wall outside the door of the tiny church there was this engraved stone, and it roughly says, that St Francois de Salles presided over the transfer of the relics of St Germain, and that St Francois wants to retire there, to serve God with his prayer and quill and that he hopes his thoughts will come as tiny and as dense [ as in depth ] as the snow which falls [ a lot in those parts ] during winter.
I have a feeling St. Francois wanted to come for the view too. And all this happened in 1624, which is really like yesterday, when you look at things from far away.

The inside of the church is all pink and blue, which is pretty much what the Reporter likes as colors on walls, so she was fairly happy, considering she is not that religious, apart from some buddhist principles, having this very bellicose temper.

High on the wall of the little church were coats of arms like these

and then Reporter's hand was shaking as she shot her last pic inside the church, there was a coat of arms with the name of
Sauvage, and Sauvage is the last name of one her best girl friend in Paris !! So she sent that to her friend. By the way, "Sauvage" in french means " Savage" in english, which shows that the Reporter knows how to choose her friends.
Here is the coat of arms shot by her shaky hand,

And then it was time to go towards new adventures, and the Reporter regretfully said good-bye to her beloved Talloires,
with one last look at that little lake,

WIth love from the Alps,
the Frog

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